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What they lack is power in their output. The GB 20Mhz sweep function generator, SR4 and MOPA frequeny amplifying instruments are the result of over 24 years of extensive research and development and have the ability to output all of the original frequencies with the correct power levels needed. The frequency range is very important! The original machines used frequencies from Hertz to 17, Hertz. The GB with the MOPA Amplifier and plasma tube is capable of emitting frequencies from 1 Hertz to 20, Hertz which is the largest frequency range of any plasma tube instrument today.

Most other plasma tube instruments on the market are limited to a range of 1 Hertz to aboutHertz. The GB has a powerful multi-signaling capability which makes it up to 8 times faster to use than other instruments. Your time is important to you so why waste it running only one frequency at a time. The average run time per frequency is from 3 to 5 minutes.

If you run 8 frequencies for 5 minutes each it would take you 40 minutes to run all 8. But with the GB it will only take 5 minutes to run all 8 simultaneously.

Only one other company has this multi-signaling capability, but they have a major drawback. Since the GB has the ability to output 2 to 8 frequencies simultaneously, up to 40, Hertz, it is like getting 8 frequency generators for the price of one, saving you thousands of dollars.

The original equipment also had the capability of running more than sideband RF Radio Frequencies frequencies simultaneously. Having this capability reduced run times significantly and is reason we use this same method with our instruments.

This combination of gases is completely safe while offering the best signal emission for outputting single or multiple frequencies. The MOPA's plasma tube is conduction lit which means that there are no internal metal electrodes that can contaminate the plasma tube gas. It only takes about 2 watts of energy to light the plasma tube which means it is rated for tens of thousands of hours of use without any output degradation.

We have many plasma tubes that are still working like new even after more than 10 years of continual use. A Plasma tube eliminates the necessity of having a tuned metal antenna for maximum power output. The GB with the MOPA has the highest frequency range output of any plasma tube instrument on the market today and gives you more possibilities now and in the future. You can freely move around the GB with M.You are either not logged in or do not have permission to view this page.

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All times are GMT. The time now is All rights reserved.When I was looking to buy a frequency device, I bought a number of them before settling on a GB system. Some of the old doctors that had worked with Royal Rife had refused to surrender their machines and went into hiding or left the country to practice medicine elsewhere. Some of their writings and even some of their machines survive and hold additional parts of the story that had been lost and forgotten.

Long lost frequencies and additional modalities were rediscovered thanks to these pioneers. The makers of the GB have hunted down some of these old machines and the headquarters of the GB looks like a museum with many of them there.

I have seen a number of them myself during my recent visit to the company. We do not diagnose medical illnesses or prescribe any medical treatment. GB Frequency Generator. I have been reading people on some groups making claims for their machines that cause me to smile, knowing they are probably unaware of any system other than their own, or they likely have financial interests in the machines they champion.

It is truly without peer and I highly recommend it. If you buy a single frequency system, you too will learn why they felt it such a needed function. You can include up to eight frequencies in a group, with up to six groups in a channel. That is 48 frequencies in a single channel. You can easily and quickly run the range of a specific organism and if there is no response, you can move on without a lot of time lost.

Want to experiment? The interface is very easy to run and understand, especially when compared to other systems out there. I was using mine very quickly and it has proved itself efficacious many times over the years. There were times I was very grateful for its simplicity because a complex system would have been a nightmare for someone as sick as I was at times. Custom channels can include frequencies you may discover work great in your circumstances.

Custom channels can also include eight frequencies to a group and six groups to a channel. It is rare that you will ever have to import frequencies that are not already preexistent in the system, but if you need that ability, it is there. Some work around this limitation by using a growing number of units to build a complex network that tries to do what a GB is doing out of the box.

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To equal the base of a GB, it would take at least eight systems running simultaneously to equal the base functionality of a GB — but that does not include many of the esoteric and more advanced functions that users learn of as they spend more time with the machine.

If you have the right one. But in my own experiments over nearly a decade, I have found that rarely do you hit the correct pathogen immediately and often when I experiment, study, try something new, then eventually I uncover what works. Doing that one frequency at a time can be very time consuming — and time was something I did not feel that I had a lot of when I was fighting fungus, mold, and yeast infections that were putting me in the hospital with my lungs shutting down from black mold.

And thanks to much appreciated feedback from fellow frequency explorer Emma Applegatewe know it is a sweep that is not recommended for those suffering from Lyme Diseasedue to the incredibly toxic aftermath from Lyme die-off.

But for others, you may wish to add it to your own experiments.Remember Me? Groups Blogs Links rife. Forum General Information - Please read first! Page 8 of 12 First 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Last Jump to page: Results to of Thread: Can a Rife machine cure cancer?

Re: Can a Rife machine cure cancer? I just bought a F generator. I would have bought a GB but was my limit. Anyway a week later there is one on Craigslist for Par for course. I don;t hear much about the f but on the comparsion gb site they rated them pretty good. Hopefully mom can handle the machine. Ive tried everything all kinds of pills and drinks. Thanks Warren Jones:. Originally Posted by Warren Jones. Thanks Alexander Potupikoff:. It has been long-known that a microbe is responsible for cancer.

The primary organisms have been Candida albicons, Aspergillus niger and Mucor Racemosus fresen; there may be others.

All of these are fungal in their form having pleomorphically morphed due to the pH of the circulatory body humors. The blood of cancer owners is higher in pH than normal yet the pH of the excretory fluids such as saliva and urine indicate a high acid state, this is an observation by which many laymen and many professionals incorrectly state that 'cancer thrives in an acid state,' it does not.

The viral stage of these organisms isn't the problem, it is when these entities shift to the mycelial stage that the action of cancer becomes obvious. The human body requires both acid and alkaline acids and minerals in order to supply particular environments in which the organs function in stasis. When hydrochloric acid, a normal body constituent acid, other acids will remain in order to regulate the pH.

Why I Bought a GB4000 Over Other Frequency Devices

Normally these acids are eliminated when the required hydrochloric acid is present in the body. Nearly every cancer owner is grossly absent in this critical acid along with a gross potassium deficiency.Q: Does running multiple frequencies reduce the power level of the frequencies? A: The answer to that question would be yes.

This is why we built the GB with the ability to output 3. Using an RF carrier frequency is the only way the power level could be increased. This power level worked very well with one audio frequency even until today. Logically if you use 2 audio frequencies you would want to double that power level 2 X 0. If you run up to 8 audio frequencies you would want at least 8 times that power level or 1. Some people also ask if they can only run multiple frequencies. The answer to that question is no.

The GB gives you the flexibility to switch from running one audio frequency at a time to being able to run up to 8 audio frequencies at a time.

You can choose how you want to run the frequencies. If you want more power then you can purchase the SR-4 ten watt amplifier and you will have 1. If you decide to only run 4 audio frequencies simultaneously then you would have 2. And if you only run one frequency you can have up to 10 watts of power for a single audio frequency. If you want even more power than 10 watts then you can purchase the M.

With this instrument you could run up to 8 audio frequencies simultaneously with 15 watts of power for each audio frequency. We look at it as going from good to better to best. Q: Does the GB output its frequencies digital or analog? A: Analog. Q: Does the GB use crystal controlled frequencies for high accuracy. A: Yes it does for the 3.

The GB also goes beyond using crystal-controlled frequencies. This type of electronic circuit is used in all modern analog frequency generators.

The frequencies are output from a DSP, Digital Signal Processor then go through the DAC and then through a low pass or band pass filter and come out converted to analog.

Quick Start GB-4000 Frequency Generator - Rife

These frequencies are phase-locked-looped for perfect accuracy. By this method we have all the harmonic content of the old antique vacuum tube frequency generators along with the digital accuracy. This method is now the standard in the industry. A: Yes. The GB has a frequency range from. A: Any radio station uses a carrier frequency to carry or modulate piggyback the audio frequencies, voice or music that is sent out for you to hear on your radio.

Modulation is the mixing of the RF carrier frequency with the audio frequencies. So, the RF carrier frequency is the means by which the radio station transmits the signal through the air to you the listener.

The GB goes beyond what most carrier frequencies are designed to do. It produces harmonic sidebands replicating the output of the 's, 's and 's M. Q: Why do most frequency generator manufacturers limit their audio frequency modulation to hertz?

A: Most likely they just did not want to spend the money to build the circuit with a higher capability. This is just one of the several differences between the GB and most of the other frequency generators on the market today. The GB can modulate any frequency from.We believe it is extremely important to be able to produce the actual frequencies that the original researchers used. In order to achieve that with perfect accuracy, the GB uses a Crystal Oscillator coupled with a Digital Signal Processor to produce its frequencies.

The GB is one of the most accurate and reliable frequency generators available today. The GB function generator works in conjunction with the SR4 amplifier to give you the best possible power output available today in a contact device. The GB by itself is as much as 10 to 15 times more powerful than other machines on the market.

When you add the SR4 amplifier, the maximum output power is up to 15 watts, which is as much as 75 times more powerful than other machines on the market.

When you are running your frequencies, the last thing you want is to have to fight your machine to get it to produce the frequencies you want. With the GB there is no scrolling through endless lists of options and numbers to get to the function you want. The GB has a full keypad with all the functions and numbers you need directly accessible so it is extremely easy to use. The GB is the only instrument that is capable of running up to 8 frequencies simultaneously to 40, Hertz without frequency degradation.

Beepbox versions

And it comes with that capability straight out of the box. No need to purchase additional equipment like some other machines on the market. Running up to 8 frequencies at a time makes it up to 8 times faster than any other instrument. Why wase your time running one frequency at a time? And since the GB is so much more powerful than mose other machines available, it has plenty of horsepower to run those frequencies at the same time. It's like getting 8 frequency generators for the price of one.

The Final piece of the puzzle. Warranty, Tech Support, and Satisfaction Guaranteed. You need to know that the machine you buy will give you hassle free service for years to come. We are confident that you will be totally thrilled with your new GB frequency machine. So confident in fact, that we offer a category leading 2 year full warranty and a full 60 day money back guarantee. As if that weren't enough, all of our instruments come with free lifetime tech support via phone and email.

So you can feel confident that you will be able to use your machine for years and get the support you need, when you need it. The compact travel case's sturdy construction will ensure that your equipment is safe, and the foam padding will make it easy to protect your units when you travel. The compact case is constructed of heavy duty ABS, has rounded metal-reinforced corners and is impact and scratch resistant.

This combo will include the most update GB hardware and software shipped directly from the factory. Now you can get the power of the M.

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